Monday, December 3, 2012

The Advent of Indies

  I’ve heard of “Advent Calendars” in the past, but I’ve never really looked into them, or paid them any heed. This however, an “Advent of Indies” is the kind of tradition I can get behind. For purely selfish reasons of course. A slow buffet of free indie games, and an introduction to a new purchasable / winnable one each day? Sign me up!… Or don’t, as thankfully this site doesn’t require that silliness. ^.^ It does however provide a free game (From each day until Christmas, and an opportunity to win a copy of a purchasable game (Though that’s of less interest to me, I just like the overall idea. ;P )

  I was introduced to this (Follow me down the Rabbit Hole) through a PC Gamer RSS Feed Item, read through Game News Now an RSS Reader (Tailored “Shockingly” to games. ;P ) on my HD7. Apparently it was dreamed up by Indie Developer Jana Reinhardt of Rat King Entertainment (Who I’ve admittedly never heard of until now).

  What I am going to try though, is to peek in each day, and briefly review/introduce (Depending on my interest, time, length/quality of the game, platforms the game is on, etc.) the bite sized game on offer for the day. This works on two fronts for me. 1) I get to try out new and potentially interesting indie games each day. 2) I now have a motivation to write, even if just a little bit, each day. Win-Win I think. =^.^= As an aside, I’ll mention the “For Sale / Gift” title, and provide whatever information I may or may not have about it.

  Since I’m a bit late to the party, the first post will be covering the first 4 Days. I’ll also note that as I live –8 UTC and they who are hosting this live at +1 UTC, the “New Day” happens at 1500 for me, so I may occasionally be talking “About the Future”… ;P

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