Thursday, February 26, 2015

Stories 'For Sale'

Like, not really. I mean, I'm not selling any stories. But when I make posts on Craigslist, I like to 'Spice them Up' a little. Here are my last two posts as an example. ;P

Moving Boxes... All of the Moving Boxes

  So my girlfriend just moved in. That's awesome. Before the move, she asked me for boxes. So I brought her a few. Then I brought her some more. After that I got her the rest. All the rest. There are more boxes than can be used. There are enough boxes to make awesome box forts, and wage a small cardboard backed war. There are boxes enough to craft fine box armor, and to fortify box walls. We could mount an assault on mount box, and tear the tyrannical rulers of the packing kingdom from their Banana Box Thrones! The Apple Boxed will have their revenge!

Orrr.... you could just use them to move your stuff. Your call. Bring a Truck. We have a bunch.

condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Box Makers?
model name / number: Apple and Banana Style?
size / dimensions: Various. Plenty Big Though

Bookshelf with Infinitely Adjustable Shelves

  So we're moving, and this awesome bookshelf didn't make the cut for the new space. There's just nowhere to put it. :? Our loss is your gain however, and for a cool $20, you can have a bookshelf that will accommodate all the weirdly different heights you can throw at it. Note the inoffensive white color that goes with everything, and the sweet shiny stickers (On the right side of the unit if you're facing it) that probably belonged to the eight year old girl that owned it before us. Add to that the six adjustable shelves, and this lovely unit will hold it all!

  Those cute little 1" figurines that just 'have' to have their own shelf? You can do that! That weirdly tall art book that just can't fit on a regular shelf without losing the shelf above it? It fits! And no lost shelves in the process. There's no limit to the configurations this unit offers (Okay, there 'is' a limit, but you can do the math on that yourself. ;P) and it can be yours tonight!

Side note, if you're going to put significant weight above the halfway point on a carpeted floor (Like we did with the books), I would advise either fastening it to the wall, or leaning it at the angle displayed in the pictures due to it's narrowness and height, but that's up to you. Just don't come yelling at me if it dumps your *ahem* exotic novella collection on you when you pull a book out. ;P

condition: good
make / manufacturer: No Bloody Clue!
model name / number: Shelf... of Books... or Something
size / dimensions: 36 x 76 x 7 3/4

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