Sunday, July 31, 2016

Final Fantasy VI Demo Scene

I wrote a little FFVI Snippet as an Example post (About covering backstory without going all super expositiony) on Reddit, and it's not quite long enough to be its own thing, but it's the perfect bite size for here. ;P

"Ghestalian Scum!" one of the young men in the crowd shouted at their group as they made their way up the staircase.

"Ignore them," Locke muttered under his breath, "they're not really good at this whole... change thing."

"I probably signed the orders that burned his village down..." she responded, in a quiet voice as they reached the landing above.

"Stop that!" he snapped back, turning to her, "That was a different life. A different you."

"But was it really?" she retorted, her voice rising with her words, "a different me? Isn't that why I'm here? Because of who I am, what I know?"

Locke was ready to snap back, but she held up her hand and chuckled darkly before continuing, "I still wear the armor of a Ghestalian general, and do you know why?" she asked him.

"We're not really that well equipped here," he muttered, "so it's not like you've got a lot of options for good armor just lying around."

"True," she replied, "but that's not it. I wear it to remind me... no. To remind everyone, who I was."

"So what, you get off on reminding everyone-"

She backhanded him before he could finish his statement, and he stumbled back an angry retort ready to erupt, but she cut in first, "Don't you dare accuse me of enjoying this."

He tightened his jaw, but did not respond, his hand clenching and unclenching in a fist betraying his anger.

"May you never have cause to understand how few words it takes to end hundreds of lives," she told him, her anger cooling as she continued, "how a simple dismissive wave of your hand," she demonstrated, "can take a father from his family, or a family from its father."

He said nothing, though some of the tension left him and she continued, "I will never escape what I've done. If we succeed in stopping the Empire, that will not somehow absolve me of my sins. I wear this armor to remind me, and everyone, who our enemy is."

Finished, she strode past him, continuing their climb up the stairwell... and Locke followed with a sigh, speaking under his breath, "But when are you going to realize that you're not the enemy anymore..."

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