Saturday, August 23, 2008

Going for a Meet and Greet…

  So, I happen to be an Enforcer for the Penny Arcade Expo, a volunteer position I definitely love, as it comes attached to the most amazing group of people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. ;P  Anywho, we have a Meet and Greet/Function a week before PAX every year, to which I’ll be headed in the next 5 Hours. (Yeah, I should probably sleep, but I’ve never really been good at the whole Sleep thing. ;P ) This is the First Official step towards PAX this year for me (Last year I lucked into assisting elsewhere, but this year my schedule is whacked. ;P Which is why I’ve taken off work from Wed 08/27 – Tues 09/02 for it.) and I’m Psyched… which certainly isn’t helping with the whole Sleep thing. >.> Anywho, you can count on my next blog being somewhat about that, so stay tuned. ^.^

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