Wednesday, March 25, 2009

PAX Brief.


*Looks around*

*Cleans up some Cobwebs*

   Yeah… I’ve not done a good job of updating this. Let’s end the thought from my last entry. I went to PAX, loved it all over again, worked even harder than before, and was sad when it ended. This is to be expected. I think everyone amongst the Enforcers experiences much the same thing. ;P

   I’ve waited long enough to write here that things are already in motion for PAX this year. I’m not part of the initial planning phases (Someday maybe. ;P ) but I have gained more responsibility this year, and I’ll admit that I’m ready to tackle it running (Even though it is early still, so I’m not getting carried away… yet. >.> ).

   That’s really it. Due to things in my life, I’ve not been “Quite” as involved in a lot of the Enforcer Activities, but such is the way of things. (Once my schedule figures itself out, I'll have more time.) I’m looking forward to this year, and if you’re reading this and you aren’t an Enforcer, and aren’t yet registered for PAX, what are you waiting for? ;P

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